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The question is, should I try power washing myself? If you have ever tried power washing a brick home or a concrete driveway, you may have somewhat of a different response than someone who has only rinsed or lightly washed a vinyl siding house. The truth is, even the easiest of jobs are sometimes harder or consist of more than what common sense alone can solve. An example would be cleaning fences. Yeah it looks easy and when you're doing it, dirt just seems to rinse away. But did you know you that if you apply too much pressure you can actually “burn” the wood and gouge holes making the finished product look even worse than before.



This is just one of many reason why hiring a professional power washing contractor to do the job just makes sense. We are an experienced, seasoned contractor that does pressure washing as a profession.

Just like any other business, a true power washing contractor should be bonded and insured to cover any circumstance where damage could occur to your home or property. They will also have references that you can verify that they are a legitimate business and to see what kind of experience others have had along with some in site on what to expect in terms of customer satisfaction.

So if someone shows up at your door asking if you would like to have your house washed, deck cleaned or maybe even your driveway and sidewalks cleaned, ask for references before turning them loose with a 3000 psi power washer, or please
Contact us and we can come out and give you a free estimate.

We can restore most surfaces to a like new condition. Why replace your siding or patio when we can clean it and make it look like it did the day it was installed. Resealing your deck or driveway? We can clean and prepare the surface for you. Starting with a clean surface will ensure a better bond with chemical sealants, and will result in a longer lasting seal. We use safe, biodegradable cleansers and the power of high pressure water to obtain phenomenal results.