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Baltimore Handyman & Home Repairs

Whatever your residential needs, Handyman Stan provides all handyman services for the Baltimore MD and the surrounding area. We value the condition of your family home, as we are family owned and operated and know how important it is for your home to function properly. We can fix any problems your house might have. Our licensed professionals are guaranteed to get the job done right, at a budget that will make your wallet smile. Whether it is a simple water leak, door not closing properly or just a simple light fixture we can take care of it, efficiently the first time.


The majority of our customers are senior citizens who still own their own home but simply cannot do the work themselves any more. There are other factors involved such as safety. It makes no sense to take any unnecessary chances getting up on a ladder or handling a power tool when we can take care of those little problems for you. After we build a relationship with you, you will think of Handyman Stan as your friend not just a contractor. Feel free to Contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you.